About Us

Quick Heal Foods hopes to open a whole new world of flavor, with the healing power of some of mother nature’s special ingredients, for anyone open to trying new things and experiencing new cultures through cooking.
The founder of Quick Heal Foods (QHF) is an engineer and a foodie that uses cooking to express her creativity. Her husband encouraged her to start this company so that she could share her recipes for great tasting dishes, using herbs and spices that have amazing healing properties. She decided to start the company with a vision to help people become more aware of the immense variety of healthy and healing herbs and spices that exist, and then help incorporate these spices &herbs into relatively quick and simple recipes used to make delicious meals for family and friends.
So, when you see a recipe tutorial on our YouTube channel that you like, and you want to make it, but you don’t know where to find the specific herbs and spices because many of them are quite uncommon, you can just go to our online store to get the spice & herb kit for the recipe you want to try. We only use organic ingredients that are free of any kind of food preservatives, colorings, or chemicals because healthy eating leads to healthy healing.
You will even find links to recipe cards on our online store if you are not comfortable with the videos and prefer a more traditional approach to cook in the comfort of your kitchen.
Help us spread awareness of the great health benefits of the vast array of spices from around the world used at Quick Heal Foods. Help us help others discover new cultures and experiences through these flavorful recipes!

Check out our recipe tutorials on the Quick Heal Foods channel on YouTube, and you can find the spice & herb kits on our online store at www.quickhealfoods.com. You can also find us on Instagram @quickhealfoods.