Dried Coriander Powder

Dried Coriander Powder


If you are a fan of Indian curries, you are probably aware of the star role that coriander powder plays in imparting impeccable taste. If, on the other hand, you are oblivious to the many wonders that this magic spice holds, this article will tell you just that.

From how it is made to its many health benefits, read on to find out how you can cook with the best spices. So without wasting any more time, let us get started.

What Is Coriander Powder?

So what exactly is coriander powder, and where does it come from? To be honest, it is just whole coriander that is ground into a fine powder. When ground, coriander seeds release aroma and flavor, which gives curries and savory dishes their distinctive taste. To get the most out of your newly bought dried coriander powder, it is best to buy a small amount, that too, from a trusted store.

What Does It Taste Like?

Since you have been hearing us brag about coriander powder, you must be wondering what it tastes like. It has an exclusive taste that makes it quite challenging to pin down. Since the spice itself is very mild, it effectively mixes into the dish, making it difficult to comprehend its individual taste.

To pin it down, coriander powder has a sweet, nutty, and smoky undertone, making it fall under the sweet/warm spice family. This makes it a top favorite spice for making spice rubs, blends, and marinades when cooking with spices.

How Is Coriander Powder Used For Cooking?

So how is the wondrous coriander powder used when cooking meals? Do you add it only to savory dishes, or can it be used in marinades too? Luckily, You can use it to make several different cuisines and dishes. Even though coriander powder is the star of the show in Indian gravies, it is also used when making stews, soups and curries, and spice blends.

The aromatic taste of coriander powder is not just limited to the dishes mentioned above; its versatility knows no bounds. When using spices for cooking, you can add coriander powder to your stir-fry, pies, and salad dressings to give them an exclusive earthy taste.


Let's look at a few ways you can use coriander powder to make lip-smacking meals:

  • Chickpea curry: if you belong to an Indian household, you probably grew up eating flavor-packed chickpea curry on Sundays for breakfast. Coriander powder is used as the main ingredient for making its lip-smacking gravy.
  • Marinade for roasts: do you love enjoying family feasts with baked chicken or roasted lamb? If so, you probably know that no marinade or spice rub can be complete without having its fair share of dried coriander powder.
  • Stir-fries: are you bored making the typical vegetable stir fry and looking for a more flavor-packed recipe? Why not add a pinch of coriander powder when you make your next batch and see how flavorsome your stir fry turns out.
  • Salad dressings: we all love salad dressings that pack an instant punch of taste. Adding coriander powder to them will not only enhance their flavor but will also give them a unique twist.
  • Waffles and pancakes: why not think out of the box and incorporate different ways of cooking your waffles and pancakes? Add coriander powder to the batter before making them and leave everyone wondering how your waffles and pancakes taste so good.


How To Choose And Store Coriander Powder?

Now that we have the basics sorted, the next important question is where do you get coriander powder from, and are there any signs to look out for?


For starters, ground coriander is readily available at different supermarkets and grocery stores. Simply make your way to the spice aisle, and you're bound to spot it on the shelves. Remember the following points:


  • Always buy it from a trusted source to ensure that it is of high quality.
  • Closely observe its color, which should be a bright, muddy brown shade. Make sure its consistency is of a smooth powder that is lump-free.
  • Always check the manufacturing date, as the older the ground coriander is, the lesser taste it will have.
  • Make sure that the jar or packet is tightly sealed. Watch out for any cracks in the bottle or holes in the plastic pack.
  • Don't buy too much in one go; instead, go for smaller batches as it can lose its scent and taste if stored for too long.

Health Benefits Of Using Coriander Powder:

Now let us take a look at the many health benefits that coriander powder boasts:


Since coriander is famous for being a cooling spice, it has anti-inflammatory properties. Since coriander is loaded with antioxidants, it helps in reducing inflammation by combating inflammation-promoting free radicals. Coriander is especially useful for people who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism.

Aids in digestion:

Coriander powder is extremely helpful for digestion and reduces issues like diarrhea, bloating, and stomach pain. It aids in increasing a person’s appetite by promoting the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes.

Effective treatment for UTIs:

Since it is a cooling diuretic, it helps with treating urinary tract infections and their symptoms. You can mix coriander powder in either warm or cold water and drink it to help relieve symptoms of urinary tract infections.

Lowers blood sugar levels:

Coriander also has the fantastic ability to bring the sugar level down. Incorporating it in any form will allow you to reap this excellent benefit of coriander.

Anti-allergic quality:

There are quite a few researches that have proven that coriander is also blessed with antihistamine properties. This allows it to soothe allergic reactions that are caused by hay fever or skin irritation.


Whether it is an Indian curry, soup, or stew, none of these dishes can reach their optimum taste level without their fair share of coriander powder. Add it in soups, salads, stir-fries, and anything you want to, and witness coriander powder work is magic.

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